Graphic Design

Astronomic Worlds Poster

For a long time I have had a fascination with astronomy. The seemingly endless expanse of space and time across the entire universe leaves so much to the imagination. The things that scientists have already discovered about our universe thus far only provoke even more creative possibilities of what the universe may still hold. You …

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Sweet Home Alabama Poster

During a visit to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the fall of 2009, I took the opportunity to capture some photographs of the scenery from the local landscape during the autumn season. The changing seasons always present opportunities for unique photography. This is especially true for the autumn season given the change in color of the fall …

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Bryant-Denny Stadium Poster

While attending St. Gregory’s University as a student in the fall semester of 2010 and enrolled in a Communications course, I was tasked with a project involving public relations and news reporting. The aim of the project was to produce a graphical representation of an event that the student had been an active participant, which …

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3D Archipelago Rendering

During my time as a Desktop Publishing student at Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman, Oklahoma, I began to experiment with a variety of graphic production software. This is evident in my use of a 3D terrain landscaping software and Adobe Photoshop to produce this 3D image of an archipelago at dusk. This demonstrated my …

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3D Oceanic Rendering

Although this graphic seem fairly basic in composition and rather vague in its purposed, it is an important piece for me, personally. This was one of the first compositions that I produced with Adobe Photoshop through the use of advanced techniques and filters. At the the time, I was just starting as a student in …

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