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Nathan McKay

Nathan McKay

McKay Multimedia is the culmination of multimedia design, audio/video production and web development works produced throughout the career of me, Nathan McKay. This compilation of work spans more than 10 years, and counting. I have come to find that a lot can happen over the course of 10 years, especially as it relates to the information technology sector and the professional career path that an individual may take. This is the story of how McKay Multimedia began.

Early Years

My interest in web development came about through vocational training while attending a local technology center when I was just finishing up highschool. Ironically, I did not study anything web related at that time. In fact, I took a desktop publishing course instead. But in this program, the web design students were initially taught the same curriculum as the desktop publishing students, in the same classroom. Despite my initial apprehension about learning programming, I found that the web design curriculum was much more interesting to me than the desktop publishing curriculum.

In the end, I acquired a number of certifications pertaining to desktop publishing before I went off to college. But it was at this point that the seeds of my career in web development were planted. Later on I would find that the principles of desktop publishing would not go unused as I ventured into the realm of web development in my spare time. The I found that the concepts of composition, balance, layout, and color scheme is the ultimately the same, regardless of the medium in which it is used.

Higher Learning

While in college, I landed my first professional position as an intern in the Public Information department of a local, municipal government office. This internship eventually turned into a full time job; my first real full time job. I utilized many of the skills that I had learned about desktop publishing there such as media design, layout and image editing using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign (or Quark). That office was also responsible for the maintenance of the organizations website. It was this which gave me my first exposure to managing and developing for a live, corporate website that is accessed by thousands of people on a daily basis.

In this responsibility to oversee the organizations website, I found an opportunity to learn more about performing the duties of web design, development, and maintenance. I spent many hours of my own personal time learning about all the standards and practices of programming, SEO, web design, and content writing. It was during my tenure at that organization, which spanned almost a decade, that I learned a great deal about web development. So much so, that the next title I held was that of web developer.


McKay Multimedia

McKay Multimedia

From that point on, I have continued to improve my skills as a web developer. I constantly seek to expand my knowledge of historical and emerging trends in web technology and I continue to study the latest techniques in development. I learn new programming languages and I keep up with the ever changing standards and practices in internet technology. I take pleasure in learning new things about the IT industry as the art and science of web development continues to grow and evolve. It has truly become my passion.

Today, I am a well rounded front-end web developer and I also have some skill as a back-end developer too. I specialize in using open-source content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! to build full featured, mobile compatible, modernized websites. I am experienced with front-end programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, and ASP.NET and back-end programming languages such as PHP, MySQL and C#. I am also well versed in the implementation of proper SEO and social media management. In addition, I have maintained the use of my photography, audio/video production, and digital imaging skills from the early days of my career.