Stereo Image Vector Conversion

 January 17th, 2002        


Launch Project

While attending technical school at Moore Norman Technology Center, I was given an assignment to convert a raster image into a vector format. The intent of this exercise was to demonstrate the process of vector conversion so that a raster image can be made to be infinitely extendable. The conversion process was performed using the vector design software, Macromedia Freehand (a competitor to Adobe Illustrator prior to Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia).

The raster image was first imported onto the canvas of the software. Then the lines, tones, shapes and colors of the original image were painstakingly reproduced using vector shapes, patterns and gradients. Although this conversion can more easily and quickly be done using more automated methods, the intent of this exercise is to demonstrate the precision that can be brought to bear using vector design software.

The result was a vector image that is hardly distinguishable from the original. This vector image can be scaled and resized to any dimensions, making it an ideal format for large format production.