Web Design

web-designIn a lot of ways, the design of a website or web application is just as important as the brand itself. A web design and the brand that it represents must be complimentary to each other. To that end, the basis for any web design is to discover a brand’s identity. From there, the purpose of the web platform is defined, then all the elements of the fully functional website are developed around the brand and the web design.

One of the current web design trends that has become quite prevalent is the use of minimalism. In minimalist web design, the goal is to reduce the design down to the simplest and most essential elements. The theory of “less is more” is the common catch-phrase applied to this style of design.

Keep in mind that it is not always possible, or practical, to apply a particular design style (trending or not) to all web designs. Still it is important to note what the current trends are and see if they are in part or entirely applicable to a given project. Through consultation and discovery, we produce a web design that is ideally suited for your needs.


We use a variety of resources and techniques to produce high quality, mobile friendly web sites. These include techniques like responsive design and adaptive design. We also use well known front end development frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation and custom responsive grids wherever necessary.

Even the most brilliant code can fail if a site lacks usability. Cultivate an engaging user interface bridges the gap between form and function.

The intent of a mock up is to show how all actual appearances of a design will be rendered before taking the design through to functional code.

A design wireframe is a visual representation of a design concept that represents the skeletal framework of a block level elements of a layout.

A design prototype is the next step in the progression of design composition that provides an early sample or model of a product built to test a concept.

This is the culmination of the design process. The complete web design is functional mark up that encapsulates the concepts and interactivity of a design.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the approach to web design that addresses the need for optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices.

Supported Technologies

The following technologies represent those that we are most familiar and experienced with.