Alabama Crimson Tide Poster

Case Study

While attending St. Gregory’s University as a student in the spring semester of 2010 and enrolled in an Art History course, I was tasked with a project involving art and history (ironic, I know). The aim of the project was to produce a graphical representation of an entity involving some sort of action.

For this project, I chose the subject of Alabama football. I made this choice based on the fact that sports is very much an event of action and I happen to be a fan of the University of Alabama Athletics Department. The Alabama football program had recently won a national title in the prior season, so I chose football as the subject for my piece. To produce this composition, I utilized Adobe Photoshop.

The composition consisted of four photographs that had been taken during a football game. These players were particularly notable due to their position on the team and accomplishments during the previous season. The photos were grayscaled, then the photos were colorized with a crimson colored diamond gradient pattern. Lastly, the official Alabama Crimson Tide logo was placed in the center of the position.

Note: All rights are reserved by the original copyright holder(s). No Copyright Infringement Intended. This has been made available for historical and educational purposes only under fair use law. I do not acquire any profit from this piece. I claim no ownership of its contents.

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