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Although this graphic seem fairly basic in composition and rather vague in its purposed, it is an important piece for me, personally. This was one of the first compositions that I produced with Adobe Photoshop through the use of advanced techniques and filters. At the the time, I was just starting as a student in the Desktop Publishing program at Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

Through the use of a simple multicolored gradient and a combination of a couple filters and adjustments in the Photoshop program, I produced this simple, yet compelling image. The image clearly is representative of ripples in a dark pool of water. It actually took me awhile to understand exactly how I produced this image, which was a learning process in and of itself. But understanding how the image was produced wasn’t the most important achievement that I made in producing this image.

The real accomplishment that I achieved in producing this image was the realization of the power that Photoshop has. Photoshop has since been utilized throughout my career as a tool for a variety of different disciplines, employment positions and career paths.

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