Baxter Seed Company Logo Design

 December 16th, 2001        


Launch Project

While attending technical school at Moore Norman Technology Center, I was given an assignment to produce a logo design for a fictitious business. The intent of this exercise was to demonstrate the process of branding and logo creation. The result was a vector designed logo that can be utilized in a variety of applications.

The initial concept for the brand for which the logo design would be produced was selected by the student. In this instance, I chose to produce something agriculturally related. A seed company. The logo was produced using the vector design software, Adobe Illustrator.

The concept of the design was intended to reflect a sense of growth through the imagery of the sprouting seedling and prosperity the arch as a representation of a morning sunrise. The chosen typeface had a classic, retro look which fit well with the agricultural theme. The result was a simple yet thoughtfully designed logo for this fictitious entity.