February 6th, 2013        


Launch Project

During my affiliation with Unit Liner Company, I was tasked with overseeing the completion of the development and migration for a major eCommerce website within that organization. The website was Pondliner.com. This website is a direct to consumer retail business operation that primarily sells products through their website.

The legacy eCommerce system for this website (which shall remain nameless) had become unstable and unreliable over time. Because of this, the completion of the development process for this website was vitally important for the long and short term success of their business. The chosen eCommerce system to replace the legacy system for this website was ASP.NET Storefront. This website was developed and managed on Windows Server using IIS and SQL Server Management Studio.

The project was already underway at the time of my arrival. My goals were to work with the development team, web host, and SEO team to complete the project. Then, once complete, I was to establish PCI compliance for the new system, integrate the eCommerce with Google, Bing and Amazon product services APIs services. I also worked closely with the SEO team to develop and implement ongoing SEO strategies.

In addition, I designed the email templates for newsletters promotions and produced regularly scheduled email marketing campaigns for promotional and informative material. I managed and maintained SEO strategy standards established for use on the site and its content. The implementation and use of Google Adwords and Analytics for use with strategic PPC marketing and statistical analysis was also a part of my responsibilities.