Tim Tall Chief for Osage Principal Chief

Case Study

Tim Tall Chief campaigned for Osage Chief during the general election held in 2010. I was brought on to support his efforts by providing web development and social media management services. A website was developed for the purpose of conveying candidate information and platform to prospective voters. Then a social network was established across applicable social media platforms to augment the reach of campaign messaging.

The website was developed using HTML and CSS, without a content management system. This was the chosen approach due to the speed and efficiency of production and the need for rapid deployment. Given the time sensitive nature of the situation, the campaign website needed to be launched within days of initiation. Once the website was developed, SEO best practices were implemented and the site was submitted for crawl to the major search engines. The website was crawled within a week and was then accessible to search engine query.

The general election resulted in two candidates receiving enough votes best the rest of the field of other candidates, but enough to provide a decisive vote in favor of either of the two candidates. Tim Tall Chief was one of the two candidates that made it to the runoff. This result required an additional runoff election to be held shortly after the general election. Tim Tall Chief was unsuccessful in the runoff election, although the vote was close. The result, although disappointing, it provided valuable experience and connections for all those involved.

Note: The original website has since been taken offline due to the conclusion of the campaign. The website can be made available by request in archival form.

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