Rocky Barrett for CPN Chairman

Case Study

Incumbent Chairman of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, John “Rocky” Barrett, campaigned to renew his post in the election of 2008. My primary involvement in the campaign was web administration and content development for the official campaign website. The website consisted of static HTML and CSS, with no content management system.

Various multimedia pieces, such as audio, video, PDFs, Word documents, and Powerpoint presentations, were processed and optimized for display on the website in cooperation with the candidate, Chairman Barrett. SEO best practices were implemented and content was continually added and adjusted throughout the campaign. This included updating the schedule for public ap9pearances, uploading photos from such events, and more.

Rocky Barret was successful in his campaign, easily winning the election. The website played an important role in that success and demonstrated the effectiveness of web technology utilization in the political process, both in small and large scale elections and everywhere in between.

Note: The original website has since been taken offline due to the conclusion of the campaign. The website can be made available by request in archival form.

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