Filipinos Abroad

 April 7th, 2015        



Launch Project

The roots of what would grow to become Filipinos Abroad was first planted on Facebook. This organization came about as a result of a viral social media campaign. A single Facebook fan page generated over 200,000 followers in the first year of the organizations existence. McKay Multimedia played an integral part in the founding and emergence of this organization.

Once it became clear that Filipinos Abroad had achieved mass appeal, it was determined that a broader online presence was necessary to further the message and reach of the organization. A plan was formulated to create a dedicated website and expand the social media presence of Filipinos Abroad to achieve the intended goal.

Since the blog was expected to be an integral part of the organizations website, WordPress was chosen as the Content Management System for this website. WordPress was also chosen so that the BuddyPress plugin could be used to extend the website and give end users the ability to become a more integral part of the Filipinos Abroad online community. With these decisions having been made, the website design and functionality was developed around the WordPress system and BuddyPress.

For the development phase of the project, it was determined that a completely custom WordPress theme would be developed so that all custom functionality and features could more easily be integrated into the website. This is our preferred method of development. The WordPress theme was initially developed offline using HTML, CSS with the Bootstrap framework, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Once complete, the website was pushed to a live hosting environment.

Since the launch of, the website has experienced healthy growth and expansion both in terms of website viewership, but also social media presence. The website continues to provide a platform for the followers of the Filipinos Abroad organization to become fully immersed in the global community.

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