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With modern cameras being so affordable and capable of providing great quality and value in the photographs they produce, it has become common place for photographs to be represented in nearly every aspect of marketing. You find photographs saturating websites, all over social media, on billboards, in publications; in practically everything. Therefore, it is important to have high quality, thought provoking photography at your disposal for use in your presentation and promotional efforts. At McKay Multimedia, we have more than a decade of experience in the practice of photography that spans a wide range of photographic genres.

Pre-Shoot Planning

Establish vision, goals, and specific requirements for the photography project. This includes determining the purpose of the photos, desired style, locations, and any specific subjects or objects to be captured.


Based on the client’s input, the photographer develops a concept or theme for the shoot, which guides the overall approach, composition, lighting, and post-processing. This will set the tone for the photo shoot session.

Equipment Preparation

The photographer ensures they have the necessary photography equipment, such as cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and any additional props or accessories required for the shoot. They also arrange the necessary permissions for a location.


The photographer sets up lighting equipment, both natural and artificial, to create the desired mood, enhance details, and emphasize important elements within the frame. This done with great care and consideration.


It is important to carefully compose the shots, considering framing, angles, and perspective. The photographer provides guidance and instructions to models or subjects to ensure they are positioned appropriately.

Post-Production Editing

The photographer reviews and selects the best images from the captured shots, considering factors such as technical quality, composition, expressions, and adherence to the desired concept. This is final phase.

Supported Technologies

The following technologies represent those that we are most familiar and experienced with.

Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Creative Cloud

Related Software


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