Audio Production

audio-productionAt McKay Multimedia, we have the work ethic, attitude and sound methodology needed to achieve success in every phase of audio production. We can provide your radio, TV, multimedia, film, industrial, educational, theater, production, including post-production for any type of media involving the editing and manipulation of audio.

The process of audio production is really quite complex. There are many different factors to consider when producing audio projects such as music tracks, commercial jingles, or narrative programs. Then there is an added dimension of complexity with the mixing and creation of the sound effects used for video. It can be a daunting task to sort through it all. For that reason, it is important have experts guiding the audio production process.

Like any other media project, there must first be a well thought out plan for production before anything is ever recorded or mixed. Depending on the intended use of a given audio project, the manner in which it will be produced, and the source of audio; it must first be determined whether linear and non-linear methods of production will be put into practice. These variables determine the proper course of action to take as the production process gets underway.