Roy Slavin for CPN District One

 July 1st, 2007        



In the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) election of 2007, Roy Slavin campaigned as for the vacant District #1 Representative position. This followed the amendment to the CPN constitution that created the representative districts. In support of his campaign, I was brought in to provide my expertise as a web developer. This involved the development of an official campaign website and affiliated social network. It was determined that a static HTML website would be sufficient for the purpose of this campaign.

The website was developed using HTML and CSS, without a content management system. This was the chosen approach due to the speed and efficiency of production and the need for rapid deployment. Given the time sensitive nature of the situation, the campaign website needed to be launched within days of initiation. Once the website was developed, SEO best practices were implemented and the site was submitted for crawl to the major search engines. The website was crawled within a week and was then accessible to search engine query.

Roy Slavin was successful in his campaign, winning a tight race in the election. The website played a vital role in that success and demonstrated the effectiveness of web technology utilization in the political process, in small and large scale elections and everywhere in between.

Note: The original website has since been taken offline due to the conclusion of the campaign. The website can be made available by request in archival form.