A New Web Developer in Tampa Bay


As I was relaxing on the beach one day, watching the ocean as shallow waves slowly rolled ashore, I began to reflect on my career (for some strange reason). Some might think that work is the last thing anyone would want to think about in such surroundings, but sometimes reflective moments can occur in the strangest places. I came to the realization that I am at a point in my career where I have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge and experience about a variety of career fields. I also feel that I am relatively well spoken and capable of sharing the knowledge and experience I have acquired with anyone that might want to listen.

It also occurred to me that I have neglected my online portfolio and blog for far too long. Then it clicked. On that day I decided then and there that I would make it a point to improve my personal website using the skills and abilities that I have learned throughout my career. Then I would use this new and improved platform to share my knowledge and experience for the benefit of others using my blog.

It took me about a month to complete the task in my spare time. I used all the tools that have become familiar to me as a web developer. I created the wireframe and the web design using Adobe Photoshop. The content management system (CMS) I chose for this website (and blog) is WordPress, which is my CMS of choice. The custom theme I built for this site is based on the Initializr HTML5 boilerplate template and my own custom WordPress theme framework. I wrote all the code for the site using my preferred IDE, which is Notepad++. I wiped the old site off the shared hosting server that it inhabits. A bit drastic? Yes. But I truly wanted to start with a clean slate.

The result is the new and improved version of my portfolio and blog, here at McKayMultimedia.com. I am Nathan McKay, a web developer currently operating out of the Tampa Bay area in Florida, USA. As the ever changing set of tools in technology continues to grow and evolve, creative professionals such as myself have had to learn to grow and adapt to these changes. There’s an old saying that says that life is a never ending journey of learning. This is especially true for those in technology related career fields. This is why it is important for those that have experience in this field to share what they know with newcomers so that they may learn. So you can check back here to see tutorials, articles, and other resources. Welcome.

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